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Auburn Gallipoli Mosque delivers new Youth Leadership Program

NSW Auburn Islamic Cultural Centre (Auburn Gallipoli Mosque)is in partnership with Gamarada Indigenous Healing and Life Training, Religion of Peace and the Australian Muslim Times to deliver their new project '5 b4 5" Youth Leadership Program'

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The latest project derives its title from an Islamic teaching that states, "Make use of five things before five other things: your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before your preoccupation, and your life before your death." This program aims to enable young people to make use of these five great assets that they have to be leaders of a more resilient society. The program rests on a positive philosophy that young people are inherently good and possess the best solutions to their own challenges.


This project is funded under the Multicultural NSW Community Partnership Action (COMPACT) Program. COMPACT aims to inspire young people from all communities to stand up and stand united for Australia's peaceful and harmonious way of life. 

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Auburn Gallipoli Mosque's latest new project


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