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Aussie Creators for Change contribute to #ShareSomeGood campaign

ShareSomeGood is part of an international “Creators for Change” campaign supported by YouTube and its parent company Google. We will be showcasing the first series of films from this campaign over the coming months.

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Worrying statistics

Sixty percent of Australian adults report experiencing some form of online abuse in their lifetime. Twenty-five percent have been threatened online with physical violence, and almost eighteen percent have experienced race-based offensive or degrading messages and comments online.

These worrying research findings by RMIT and Latrobe University have inspired a new campaign to combat online abuse. ShareSomeGood is part an international “Creators for Change” campaign supported by YouTube and its parent company Google. 

Young Aussie filmmakers answer the call 

Campaign coordinators put a callout to young Australian filmmakers from all backgrounds to share their visions and ideas on how best to combat the anger being seen and heard on the internet.

Fifteen contributions were short-listed to kickstart the ShareSomeGood campaign. The first videos come from NSW, with most of them made in Sydney, but next time YouTube wants to hear from filmmakers from everywhere.

YouTube videos include L Fresh The Lion and Mirrah with a blend of interview and freestyle rap, called the 90 second rap. Oliver Levi-Malouf used his film “Dear Future Me” to look at the hopes and dreams of the LGBTIA community.

The Point Magazine’s own Kavita Bedford and Widyan Fares were also selected as creators for change with their video ‘Hijab and Curls’, a talk-show style video discussing topical issues relating to cultural diversity in light hearted way. The first episode talks all things hair, including cultural stereotypes and women’s agency. 

We will be showcasing films from this campaign over the coming months. 

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Young Australians creating new content to counter hate speech part of YouTube


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